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I’m a gay escort now!

07 Feb , 2019

I’ve heard people say about their straight relationships that they wished they were gay, “It must be so much easier to get on with someone of the same sex”. Well, there are just the same pitfalls in any long-term relationship, it might be the all singing, all dancing love of your life at the beginning, but boredom can set in amongst gay lovers too, that life-long romantic idyll is just as rare for us

I’ve been on one of those plateaus for a while now and so I made the life changing decision to ditch my now “ex” and do something that I have been thinking about for a while. Now I am escorting. I am the new gay escort Birmingham has been waiting for. I hope! I’m not looking for another established relationship for quite a while. I have met several guys already and I know that I am doing what is really natural for me. I love that one night stand thrill, some of my partners have been out for years, but one guy I met is on the brink of coming out and testing the waters to see if what he feels is more than a passing flight of fancy. If my charm has got anything to do with it he knows alright!

So that will be me and him have found our niche in life and lovin it!

Jay: Wolverhampton