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Sep 8, 2018 by Anna from Bolton on Tom

Having got divorced a year ago I have had a couple of dates with men that I thought might be OK, just to get back into the dating scene. But I really wasn’t up for it. Sorry guys. I had even been avoiding parties and any family gatherings that I went too were awkward to say the least with my ex there with his fresh YOUNGER partner. Another family event looming and I decided I wasn’t going to look like the rejected woman any longer. I went shopping for something sexy first, then I took the plunge and went shopping for a hot guy to take me too. Let my ex take a look at him. I felt great, I knew that he was ready with our “story” if any of my aunties quizzed him and I ended up having the best evening for a very long time. I couldn’t believe I was hiring a male escort, but it felt so comfortable being with him. A close colleague at work told me about Local Male Escorts else I might not have known where to start. He was wonderful and my confidence in getting out there and claiming my life back has shot sky high!

October 2018 by Dave from Birmingham on Oliver

Well I imagine anyone could say that I haver come out of the closet at long last! I must have been one of the most nervous guys ever to declare to myself and then the world that I was gay. I tried gay bars and suchlike but I never had the bottle to come on out. I came across Local Male Escorts website when I was cruising the net and kept on going back to take another look. Eventually I realized that if I didn’t take the step one way or another, I was never going to really know who I was, so I rang and booked the guy that I had been looking at for three weeks, several times a day!! Maybe it was the professional way that they handled my call, it was so easy to make the booking, he was available for my date and before I knew where I was, I had committed to taking that step forward. My date is very much my business, but all I need to say is that my gay escort opened up the world for me and now I am loving every minute. I will keep in touch with him for awhile and let him show me a little more, love the guy!

October 2018 by Shelley and Will from Surrey on Matt

As a couple, Will and I have always had an adventurous love life, so when Will, my ever-loving husband, told me he had booked a surprise for my birthday I was intrigued. Turned out that he had booked me the best birthday romp I have ever had and as our escort was bi it meant that both of us got to celebrate with him. There’s nothing like a threesome for getting things really hot and this Local Male Escort agency escort from London knew how to hit all our buttons. We had one amazing evening and I am sure we will find other excuses for calling on this fantastic male escorts’ agency again.